Setting up contextual advertising Yandex Direct. 5 000 ₽
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Setting up contextual advertising Yandex Direct.

Created: 28 August 2022
I will set up Yandex Direct advertising for your business qualitatively. A master directologist with more than 10 years of experience. Not an agency, a freelancer! As a private Yandex Direct specialist, I strive to save the advertising budget, as well as attract the maximum number of customers with minimal costs.
Contextual advertising Yandex Direct allows you to run ads on search and partner sites (YAN). Advertising on these sites will allow you to find customers. Potential visitors will see your ads.
Setting up contextual advertising Yandex Direct includes:
1) I select keywords (semantic core) and negative phrases.
2) I make a forecast of the advertising company's budget, an estimate for the month (approximate statistics).
3) I conduct an analysis of competitors in order to identify the effectiveness of the RK.
4) I register an account in Yandex Direct cabinet.
5) An advertising company is planned and discussed with the customer, as well as a promotion strategy (search and advertising network)
6) The bid price is set (cost per click for each phrase).
7) I create headlines and ad text. The advertisement for each group is individual.
8) I install autotargeting (autostrategies, set up retargeting).
9) Setting up a website to get key goals. The achievement of the goal by the visitor on the site is the applications (leads) left from the site. The optimal conversion price is achieved by reducing bids and if you managed to set up ads correctly.
10) Payment and launch of advertising. The mode, strategy, and cost of the display occurs according to the settings.
11) Bid adjustments. Manual bid management allows you to flexibly configure clicks and display of the desired ads. Optimization of the company will reduce the cost of a click, reduce advertising costs (average cost per click).
12) Monthly maintenance of an advertising company.
For the launch of the first company, Yandex gives a coupon (promo code) for 5000 rubles *. You can create, launch and make your ads visible on the internet. Well-tuned advertising is the key to success in business promotion. Ordering a setup will be the best solution, you will save time and money. If you already have customized advertising in your account, I will audit the advertising company and optimize it.
I will tell you in detail about your promotion at a FREE CONSULTATION.
Created: 28 August 2022
Was online 28 august 2022 05:02
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5 000 ₽
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Was online 28 august 2022 05:02
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