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Registration of companies worldwide

Created: 12 November 2022
Registration of companies, holdings, trusts, partnerships and any other structures
Accounting and financial reporting (it is important to submit reports in a timely manner, in order to avoid fines)
Tax optimization and reduction of the tax burden
Connection to merchant accounts (for accepting card payments)
Obtaining licenses (for any type of activity)
Registration of trademarks and patents (for any type of activity)
Opening bank accounts for individuals and companies
Assistance in entering international markets for all types of activities (international trade, construction, IT, Internet trade, finance, etc.)
Delivery of foreign mail directly to your address
Advice on pitfalls in doing business in various jurisdictions
Full support throughout the life of the business
Drafting contracts in cooperation with partners, contractors and buyers, taking into account local legislation
Liquidation of companies
Reasons to start a foreign company.
Income and risk diversification
Civilized business conditions
Absence of state arbitrariness and, as a result, minimization of business loss risks
Also, the business is protected during the division of property (divorce proceedings, inheritance, etc.)
Convenience and profitability of trade and procurement operations
The ability to obtain permits for specific types of activities
Increasing the level of trust of financial institutions
High level of service, high-quality infrastructure
The opportunity to attract additional financing to your business
Increasing the prestige of the business
Created: 12 November 2022
Was online 13 november 2023 05:41
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Was online 13 november 2023 05:41
No Reviews